ACER Racing Earns Reputation for "the Hardest Balls in the Industry"

The number one source for high-quality ball bearings is ACER Racing, where the true professionals have developed a series of ceramic ball bearings that leave all the competition in the dust. The key to consistent success in RC Racing is durable, reliable ball bearings, and that just happens to be ACER Racing’s specialty.

ACER Racing entered the ball bearing industry decades ago, and its innovations have dramatically altered the RC Racing landscape ever since. The renowned ceramic nitride pro series differential balls available through ACER Racing offer a 79% weight savings, and yet they remain more durable, harder, and smoother than Tungsten Carbide balls. In fact, the only substance harder than ACER Racing’s ceramic nitride pro series differential balls are diamonds!

At ACER Racing, you will find a diverse assortment of ball bearings (including ceramic, polyamide, and teflasonic), as well as a host of other RC Racing products at extremely competitive prices. You’ll quickly discover that ACER Racing’s reputation for “the hardest balls in the industry” is well-earned. That reputation has translated into worldwide praise in hobby magazines and, most importantly, proven success on the track. With a deluge of positive reviews from every corner of the nation and globe, ACER Racing’s ball bearings have pulled way ahead of the pack and intend to stay in first place for a long time to come.

To learn more about ACER Racing, its premier selection of ball bearings, and about the company’s lauded history in the RC Racing world, don’t hesitate to further peruse their user-friendly site or contact them directly with questions and concerns. The only thing as impressive as their inventory is their courteous customer service.