ACER Racing Ball Bearings are Preferred by RC Champions

For over 24 years, ACER Racing has provided champion racers with the absolute best and latest in RC racing accessories featuring state-of-the-art components. Our ball bearings utilize the latest technologies and materials that limit friction and electrical resistance to the absolute minimum, while also decreasing rotational mass.

If you’re looking for the RC racing ball bearing that will outlast and outperform the competition, than look no further than ACER Racing. With over 24 years of experience in the RC industry and a reputation for equipping the world’s fastest RC cars with terrifically strong, successful ball bearings, at ACER Racing, we ensure our ceramic ball bearings will allow your RC car to race faster and longer than with other products.

Ceramic ball bearings are well known among RC racing aficionados for offering the freest movement and smoothest transitions of all ball bearings. Due to the thermal properties of ceramic ball bearings, friction is limited substantially, ensuring the ball bearings are shatter proof and resistant to deformation under loads that result in consistent high performance results over time. With their impeccable design, it’s no wonder why champion racers like Chad Bradley, Jeremy Kortz and Greg Degani all use ceramic ball bearings in their RC vehicles.

With such an incredible record or success, our well-earned reputation as the hardest balls in the industry is perhaps best illustrated through our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series. Using the hardest, lightest and smoothest ceramic balls, these ball bearings have proven to be the first choice of first-class drivers from around the globe.