Ball Bearing

If you want to compete at a professional level of RC Racing, then you need a top quality ball bearing. Ball bearings are the heart and soul of any RC model. Without smoother, consistent, and reliable RC parts, it’s hard to compete with the pros at the track. Ball bearings differ greatly in life span and quality, and in a sport when every little advantage determines who ends up in the winner’s circle, you cannot afford to compromise. Ball bearings essentially control the speed, ride, and durability of your RC racer. A quality ball bearing maximizes your tire rotation and thus increases your maximum speed. By virtually eliminating any friction in the tire rotation, a high quality ball bearing helps glide the car along, like it’s moving on ice.

ACER Racing is the number one source of high quality, pro-approved, ball bearings. We understand the need for RC racers to have the best, smoothest, and longest lasting ball bearings around, which is why we have created our own top of the line ceramic ball bearings. RC professionals agree that ACER Racing produces the best ball bearings on the market, and their track record using our ball bearings proves it. Our ceramic ball bearings, including the popular 6806 bearing, have unparalleled performance and durability. For practice and for non-competitive RC racers, ACER Racing also carries other types of quality ball bearings that are more affordable for everyday use. Whether you are a skateboarder looking for quality ball bearings or a competitive RC racer who needs the best ball bearings in the business, ACER Racing is the place for your ball bearing needs.