3x10x4mm Fishing Bearing

At ACER Racing, we're well known for providing our customers with the hardest, sleekest ball bearings in the industry. This has proven to be a terrific asset for fishermen looking to cast their line as smoothly as possible. Our 3x10x4 mm fishing bearing (also known as a Size 623 or 3x10mm bearing) allows for the precision necessary to make sure your lure is dropped exactly where you want it after the first cast.

Fishing and reel bearings can be found in both spinning and bait casting reels wherever there are components that must spin or rotate. In a well-designed reel, the ball bearing or ball bearings are often placed on the shaft under the spool and where the crank handle sits in the housing. Basically, they're put in places that experience a high level of stress and friction when cranking in a large fish. That's why a solid, reliable bearing that is designed specifically for a fishing reel like ACER Racing's 3x10x4mm fishing bearing is an invaluable investment.

As any seasoned fisherman knows, the quality of a fishing reel bearing is largely defined by its "rolling action". The roundness and hardness of the 3x10x4mm fishing bearing from ACER Racing ensures that rolling action is exceptionally high, creating an almost friction-less, free rotation. Our bearings are made of stainless steel, and are meticulously crafted to the highest standard on the market.

For years, ACER Racing has been trusted by racing and cycling enthusiasts thanks to the smoothness, exceptional design and hard, sturdy materials that make up their ceramic ball bearings. The same qualities that have made them a favorite on the race track make their 3x10x4mm fishing bearing an ideal option for various fishing applications. Whether you're in the market for a bearing for recreational sport fishing or any other activity where efficient, smooth movement and reduced-friction is needed, you won't find a better option than the 3x10mm bearings from ACER Racing.