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silicone o rings 568-006


Ultra-O Silicone O Rings

Ultra-O O Rings must always be at their best. After all, when you’re building a racer or anything else, everything that goes into its construction needs to do its job without fail. Ultra-O O-rings from Acer Racing are the only professional level suspension o rings that offer an absolute minimum friction coefficient, maximum tear resistance and internal lubrication. These silicone o rings have become the industry standard and are being used by the most demanding DIY racers out there.

The only professional suspension o ring to combine the lowest coefficient of friction, internal lubrication, and the highest tear resistance. The longest lasting, smoothest o ring ever for the smoothest suspension movement and also perfect for scuba diving uses. Available in size AS 568-006 and P6 and in green and clear silicone with a 70 durometer.

What can these o rings do for you?

  • Extend rebuild intervals
  • Unprecedented smoothness & sealing properties
  • 128%-295% less coefficient of friction
  • 228% greater tensile strength than silicone o-rings
  • Available for all ASSOCIATED, LOSI & TRAXXAS shocks.

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