MUGEN MTX4R Ceramic Bearing Kit

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MUGEN MTX4R Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Ceramic Ball Bearing Kit

Mugen Seiki Racing released the MTX4R 1/10 Touring car as an upgraded version of the World Champion winning MTX4. The MTX4R has new suspension parts, new one way/solid front axle and all the high-end options that where sold separately now all in one kit. Also include is a complete set of GRP foam tires, Aluminum Wheel Hubs New Front Lower Suspension Arm allowing for more steering from the front upright Graphite Rear Upper Arm Mount. A new front upright has a 2 degree king pin angle for better steering. Further upgrades are front universal Joint Sets, rubber front belt, rubber rear belt, rubber middle belt, rear universal joint set. A new front one way drive axle can be used as a one-way or it can be converted to a solid front axle by locking up the one-way. Complete adjustability for all racing conditions New Front Joint Cup Ventilated Brake Disk Aluminum Engine Mount.

Our ceramic ball bearing kit makes this new setup fly. Here's what's included:

4 - 10x15 mm ceramic bearings

7 - 5x8 mm ceramic bearings

2 - 5x10 mm Flanged ceramic bearings

8 - 6x13 mm ceramic ball bearings

4 - 12x18 mm ceramic ball bearings

MUGEN MTX4R Ceramic Bearing Kit