8X16MM Ceramic Ball Bearing | 688 Bearing | 8x16x5mm Bearing

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8x16mm CERAMIC BALL BEARING size 8x16x5mm or 688 size bearing. Made from our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series Bearing Material. Our 688 bearing is sealed on both sides with our special no contact grey seal to protect against the elements without friction producing seal contact with the bearing elements. Inside our 688 bearing is our unique HSR inner cage which is designed to withstand high RPM, high stress and heat without causing bearing fatigue. The HSR cage houses our diamond polished silicon nitride ceramic balls which have been proven race after race to be the fastest, lightest, smoothest and hardest balls in the industry. Lightly oiled, not greased, with our slippery and fully synthetic SIN oil to keep your bearing running fast and cool.

Price is for 1 bearing.