17x26x5mm Ceramic Ball Bearing | 6803 Bearing | 61803 Ball Bearing by ACER Racing

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6803 Ceramic Ball Bearing Dimensions 17x26x5mm also referred to as a size 61803 Ball Bearing. Also a direct performance upgrade for Fulcrum RS-011 bearing.  ABEC 7 precision with Grade 5 ceramic balls.

Our 6803 ceramic silicon nitride bicycle bearing is a high-performance component specifically designed for cycling applications and anywhere a high performance 6803 bearing is required. It is a specialized type of ceramic bearing that offers exceptional performance, durability, and reliability, making it a popular choice among professional cyclists and cycling enthusiasts.

The "6803" designation refers to the bearing's specific size and dimensions. It has an inner diameter of 17 millimeters, an outer diameter of 26 millimeters, and a width of 5 millimeters. These dimensions are tailored to meet the requirements of bicycle hubs, bottom brackets, and other cycling components.

The construction material of the 6803 ceramic bearing is silicon nitride. Silicon nitride is a type of advanced ceramic material known for its excellent properties, including high hardness, low density, and superior corrosion resistance. These properties make it an ideal choice for demanding cycling applications.

The ceramic construction of the 6803 bearing offers numerous advantages. First and foremost, it significantly reduces rotational friction compared to traditional steel bearings. This results in improved efficiency and reduced energy loss, allowing cyclists to transfer power more efficiently and achieve better performance.

Moreover, the 6803 ceramic bearing exhibits exceptional durability and longevity. The silicon nitride material has superior wear resistance, ensuring minimal wear and extended service life even in harsh cycling conditions. This translates into reduced maintenance requirements and cost savings for cyclists.

Additionally, the ceramic bearing offers excellent resistance to moisture, dirt, and corrosion. This is particularly beneficial for cyclists who ride in wet or muddy conditions, as the bearing can withstand these elements without compromising its performance.

Furthermore, the lightweight nature of the ceramic material reduces the overall weight of the bicycle, contributing to improved speed and maneuverability. The reduced weight also helps to minimize rotational inertia, allowing for quicker acceleration and more responsive handling.

ACER Racing's 6803 ceramic silicon nitride bicycle bearing is a high-performance component that offers numerous advantages to cyclists. Its advanced ceramic construction, reduced friction, exceptional durability, and resistance to moisture and corrosion make it an ideal choice for professional cyclists and enthusiasts looking to enhance their cycling experience and performance.

17x26x5mm Ceramic Ball Bearing | 6803  Bearing | 61803 Ball Bearing by ACER Racing