Audi VW Bentley Mercedes Titanium Lug Bolts M14x1.5

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Manufactured from aerospace grade 6AL4V Titanium, these titanium lug bolts will not corrode or rust and offer a significant weight savings on your VW, Bentley, Audi or Mercedes while giving a very sporty and aggressive look. Rolled threads for superior fatigue resistance. Available in natural 6AL4V Titanium or BLACK PVD titanium color (the most durable Black and a much more intensive process than anodizing or powder coating). Available in 3 lengths: M14x1.5x28mm and M14x1.5x38mm and M14x1.5x43mm. Also available in a CONE/CONICAL seat HERE.

The standard length of 28mm is also available with a specially designed and very beautiful lock bolt version. The lock bolt version will have 16 lug bolts, 4 lock bolts and 1 key tool. Lock bolts come with 7 sided hex heads that look aesthetically identical to the standard 6 sided hex but need the special tool for removal.

The 28mm version is a direct replacement for the Mercedes C63S lug bolt unless you are using aftermarket wheels in which you have to check to see if the aftermarket wheels take a cone base or OEM ball base lug bolt.

We also make a 45mm shaft length which is used in many newer Mercedes it is M14x1.5x45 with a 69mm overall length and equivalent to part A0009905407.  This comes in a star head pattern which uses the same 17mm Mercedes tool or a standard 17mm hex head. If you need this shape but are using 15mm spacers we also make the 60mm shaft version.  

Note: TORX versions have a TORX 70 head - tool not included but is a common size in most tool boxes or can be purchased in a hardware store or online.

AUDI R8 and RS

For the Audi R8 and RS we have 3 titanium lug bolt options to replace the original 2 piece lug bolt with swivel washer which is Audi part WHT002438. The standard length is 28mm and we also have a 39mm shaft and 44mm shaft for use with spacers. These lug bolts are offered in sets of 10 so you can mix and match if you are using different width wheel spacers front and rear.