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30x42x7mm Ceramic Bearing Size 6806 Bearing Size 61806 Bearing
These size 6806 super high performance ball bearings are from World Champion ACER Racing’s Ceramic Nitride Pro Series collection. They include diamond polished Grade 5 Silicon Nitride balls, which are the hardest ceramic balls on the planet (even harder than the white ceramics), dual removable no contact seals so they are completely serviceable, a high speed low noise low friction nylon cage, and 100% synthetic American lubrication. Lighter, faster: the ACER Racing way since 1989.


6806 Ceramic Bearing

DIY bicyclists with the need for speed and bike manufacturers alike have grown to trust ACER Racing for making products that bring out the best in their two-wheeled vehicles.  Our 6806 ceramic bearing can help bike racers and enthusiasts alike obtain the highest level of performance thanks to our skillful and innovative design and because the right kind of ceramic bearing brings major benefits in terms of durability, friction and heat resistance, and a tremendous decrease in rotational mass meaning more pedal effort hits the road instead of being wasted. Less rotational mass also means less effort in each pedal and less friction.

At ACER Racing, we are internationally known for making the hardest lightest and smoothest balls in the business and our bearings in every material are designed with performance in mind. Aside from all of their other benefits, ceramic bearings are lighter and less dense. That means less weight,lower friction and less rotational weight. It’s important to know, however, that 6806 ball bearing dimensions are 30x42x7mm; make sure that corresponds with your needs before you order this bearing.


ACER Racing ball bearings are not just the hardest balls out there, they are also exceptionally smooth, light and, most of all, fast. Whether you’re looking for bearings made of silicon nitride ceramic for hobby to aerospance to cycling to RC cars and more, you can depend on the very best in quality and customer service that’s as speedy as our product. In any sport where tiny differences can mean big time wins, we work hard to give our customers the edge. 

Shipping always fast and free, with no requirement for a minimum order. To get started, just use our order form or see our contact page for information on how to get in touch with ACER Racing.


6806 Bearing

The 6806 bearing, also known as the 61806 ball bearing, allows serious cyclists to improve the speed and performance of their bikes.  When compared to traditional steel ball bearings, ACER Racing's ceramic bearings are more durable (with a larger modulus of elasticity), more resistant to friction and heat (with a smaller coefficient of friction and thermal expansion), and are immune to corrosion. Most importantly, they're lighter than other materials due to lower density, which only serves to improve the speed and control on your bike. The 6806 ball bearing's dimensions are 30x42x7mm, so do make sure that it corresponds to your exact specifications.

61806 Ball Bearing

The 61806 ball bearing, otherwise known as the 6806 bearing, is from ACER Racing's ACERBike line of bicycle racing products. These ceramic ball bearings can be purchased individually or in a complete ball bearing kit, depending on your needs. The 61808 ball bearings (with dimensions of 30x42x7mm) are Silicon Nitride Ceramic, which provides extremely low friction and rolling resistance. These bearings produce the same result we have guaranteed since 1989; they'll help you race faster, longer.

30x42x7mm Ceramic Ball Bearing

The 30x42x7mm Ceramic Ball Bearing, more commonly called either the 61806 or 6806 bearing, uses 100% Silicon Nitride balls. Compared to conventional balls, ours are much smoother and uniformly sized, reducing rolling resistance and standardizing load distribution. Because of this, they're stronger than other common ball bearing substances, including steel. Plus, this durability means they last up to 10 times longer than steel bearings, which makes them truly worth their price. ACER racing has no minimum for free shipping, so you can also stock up other popular sizes such as the mr105 bearing or the solid mr106 bearing.

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