Why (PTFE) Seal Ball Bearings?

Let’s break down why the PTFE Sealed Ball Bearings are exactly what you’re looking for, they:

  • Keep dirt and moisture out
  • Offer low resistance
  • Permanently sealed
  • Longest lasting ball bearings around
  • Go faster, longer
  • Find them sold individually and in kit form

How about that? Do you need any more reason to choose ACER Racing’s PTFE sealed ball bearings? We mean it when we say they can keep the dirt and moisture out. There’s nothing worse than a faulty ball bearing that slows you down and ruins the vibe. That’s why we only use the best of the best when it comes to ball bearings. Of course, this all goes without saying that our PTFE sealed ball bearings do more than keep the grime and moisture away. There’s nothing you can find anywhere else that offers the same low resistance feel of quality ball bearings without suffering from your average wear and tear. At ACER Racing, we go above and beyond. These sealed ball bearings can last much longer than the rest and keep your ride feeling smooth. There really is nothing that can slow you down when you’ve got these ball bearings in your arsenal.

So what else are you waiting for? Get ready to reap the never-ending benefits of our PTFE sealed ball bearings whenever you glide through the pavement. Rest assured that with our ball bearings, you can put all your focus on building up your speed and skills while leaving the rest to our long-lasting PTFE sealed ball bearings. ACER Racing knows exactly what you need when it comes down to choosing the best ball bearings for your ride. It’s that simple; get your ball bearings in one place without all the fuss.