The Real Deal

You’ve only got one chance to make it or break it when you’re cruising through the streets on your skates, bike or skateboard. One wrong move and your street rep can be toast! That’s why, at ACER racing, we provide our all-star racers with only the very best of the best.

You’ve got what it takes to be the real deal and with the right tools, you’ll go even farther. With our amazing 6806 bearing, you’ll not only upgrade your bike to the best bearings in the industry, but you’ll definitely upgrade your status as a serious cyclist. You’ll feel the ACER difference when you see how much faster you ride through just about any terrain. Made out of only the most durable and high quality material like Silicon Nitride Ceramic, our bearings can last longer and go harder.

At ACER Racing, we know you want only the best ball bearing options. So our BB30 bearings are available for your speed needs. Get that faster and smoother ride you’ve been dreaming about with these top notch ball bearings. 

We also think about all of our speed-loving customers at ACER Racing. So naturally, our skateboard bearings are perfect for even the most hardcore skater. Featuring a diamond polished finish, these ball bearings are the smoothest and hardest. With superior heat and corrosion resistance, you can rely on these bearings for the duration!

At ACER Racing, we understand speed and endurance; our ball bearings reign supreme over all others. Stick with the best and come to us for the hardest balls in the business.