The MR105 Bearing from ACER Racing Provides Blazing Fast Speed

For the past two decades, top RC racers and cyclists alike have found their desire for speed and top quality vehicle design met by ACER Racing. We pride ourselves on state of the art components that utilize the latest technologies and exotic materials to help you reduce friction and electrical resistance, as well as decreasing rotational mass. The result of all our focus on top materials and state-of-the-art design is simple: products that allow you to race faster, longer.

At ACER Racing, we have garnered a reputation for providing racers and RC enthusiasts with the hardest balls in the industry, as is evidenced by our 686 bearing. Also known as a 6x13x5 mm ball bearing, the bearing uses world champion silicon nitride ceramic balls, ensuring rates of acceleration that just might exceed your wildest expectations. However, some would say there is no better option for great hard-racing ball bearings than our MR105 bearing.

Referred to by some as a 5x10x4mm ceramic bearing (compared to the Traxxas 5119 10x15x4mm bearing), the MR105 has a specific internal race tolerance built within, and is specially crafted to withstand the demands of clutchbells during competitive racing. The MR105 also comes with the signature ACER Racing diamond-polished ceramic silicon nitride that has helped our balls to become the most durable in the industry.

Whether you're an RC pro  or you just want to race like one, trust your vehicle to ACER Racing, and get ready for blazing fast speed.