The Best in R/C Tech

When crafting a racing machine with a winning-edge, you need the absolute best tech on the market. If basic component parts from run-of-the-mill companies simply won't cut it for you and your team, turn to the master class of bearings, wires, and Titanium screws RC champions trust to keep their winning streak alive.

Our ball bearings are what put us on the map as a top provider of world-class racing parts since 1989, and they continue to rule the track to this day. Whether you need individual bearings, or an entire kit to take your RC car to the next level, Acer Racing is here to provide a variety of the top components champions count on to win.

Teams also count on our custom silicon Superworm wire, which is lighter and more flexible than other top wires, while at the same time yielding a smaller amount of electrical resistance. We know that every little bit counts when you are fighting for every inch on the track, so we push our products to the technical limits of build quality and performance.

Whether you want to take your car to the next level with titanium screws that use only best, high-grade ACERTi titanium, or if you want to improve your car's shocks with our industry leading Ultra-O O-Rings, you can't go wrong with Acer Racing's exceptional line of products. If you're going to race, make sure you do it right, and make sure you go with Acer Racing.Â