Skateboard Bearings and More for the Superior Ride

A truly superior racing experience can be found at ACER Racing. We know speed and aren’t afraid to take it to the limit. Take your ride to the highest level of performance with only the best materials available at ACER Racing.

Whether you’re an elite professional or just starting out, you’ll automatically notice the difference in your ride with ACER Racing. Team up with us and upgrade your ride with our durable 6806 bearing. You won’t believe the quality of your racing experience after installing our most dependable and long lasting ball bearing.

If you really want a more superior ride, upgrade your bike with BB30 bearings. Made out of only the toughest and quality materials in the game, you can join the winner’s circle with these state of the art, super easy to use, ball bearings.  Our complete bb30 ball bearing kit can help you go faster, no matter where you ride.

Of course, no truly dedicated skater can say they’re the real deal without installing the best skateboard bearings. At ACER Racing, we make sure that you’re able to increase your speed and take your skills to the next level with our high quality skateboard bearings. Our world class heat resistant skate bearings can make you go faster for much longer than you might have believed possible. Trust in our unmatched ceramic skate bearings to turn you into a superior street racer!

Whether you race professionally or for the pure thrill of it, take your bicycle or skateboard to the highest level. Feel the difference and join the ACER Racing team, known for the hardest balls in the industry!