Skateboard Bearings

To be a champion, it’s essential to make sure that you have the very best equipment before each race or competition. And, while some people think that only machines with engines need fine tuning, having the right skateboard bearings is essential for anyone who wants to leave other skaters in the dust. Whether you’re dropping in on the pools of Dogtown, or tearing it up on the street, you want the high performance maneuverability and speed that can only be achieved by the best bearings. At ACER Racing, building the best skateboard bearings is what we do.

Winning is What We Do

Everyone who knows us through our stellar reputation in the RC racing circuit may be surprised to hear that we’re also involved in optimizing more low-tech machines, but the parts we supply are anything but ordinary. Our ceramic inline bearings have exceptional heat and friction resistance, and stand up to the wear and tear that comes with the territory of professional, semi-pro, or even amateur skating. Our inline bearings are also meticulously matched for identical consistent concentricity, so racers get consistency out of each twist and turn. And, our skate bearings are sealed to perfection with no-contact seals, so that if the racer is willing to battle the elements, the board will be as well.

While many people often only look at the deck when examining a skateboard, it is truly the components “below the hood” that matter. When you need ceramic skate bearings, trust in the company that has been providing winning racing solutions since 1989. When you trust in ACER Racing, you’ll see what being in the winner’s circle is really all about. We encourage anyone looking for the very best parts and bearings for their skateboard, RC Car, and more to browse our online selection of RC, skateboard, or rollerblade bearings, or call us today with any questions about these exceptional parts.