Powerpole Connectors


Powerpole connectors have become the standard power connector in the R/C community. Created by Anderson Power Products, Powerpole connectors can positively affect both the performance and reliability of your model. The silver-plated contacts of Powerpole connectors have almost zero contact resistance (as low as 100 micro ohms): that’s less resistance than hardwiring and equivalent to the resistance of a bare piece of 12 AWG copper wire. They have an advantage over gold plated connectors since silver has less resistance than gold. You’ll see a dramatic improvement in speed and run time with a decrease in heat when you switch to Powerpole connectors.

One of the most convenient features of Powerpole connectors is their hermaphroditic plug. Anderson Powerpole connectors have gender neutral ends (both physically and electrically), which prevents confusion and connection mistakes and makes these connectors more versatile. You choose how to configure the polarity. Powerpole connectors also feature color-coded modular housings constructed to mate only with like colors. This too helps prevent connection mistakes and makes multi-pole configurations convenient. (Red and black housings are standard in the R/C community.)

Powerpole connectors are expertly constructed for long-lasting durability and are rated by Anderson to be good for at least 10,000 disconnects. The contact pressure remains high despite multiple disconnections and insertions because of the stainless steel spring that holds the contacts together. These connectors also feature a flat wiping contact system that cleans off the contract surfaces when it is disconnected. The contacts are dented to keep them correctly positioned even when vibration is an issue.

Powerpole connectors allow you the security that power will run safely to your model. These connectors meet the UL flammability ratings and decrease heat. The floating design of the connector allows air to flow through the insulated housing to help with cooling. They are also CSA and TUV certified. Using Anderson Powerpole connectors also offers an added measure of safety over other wiring options because no metal parts are exposed when the connectors are disconnected.

A variety of Powerpole connectors are available, but most choose the 15/30/45 amp size. At ACER Racing, we provide Powerpole connectors in black and red housings which are rated up to 45 amps (Anderson Powerpole part # 1327 and 1327 G6) with the 30 amp rated silver plated copper contact (Anderson Powerpole part # 1331).  Additionally, we provide the lowest resistance silver plated 12 AWG racing wiring you need to go with your Powerpole connectors.

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PP04 Powerpole Connectors 100 pair $97.99 $88.99 Click to view
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PP02 Powerpole Connectors 10 pair $12.99 $10.99 Click to view
PP01 Powerpole Connectors 2 pair $3.39 $2.99 Click to view