Join the Winner’s Circle

Speed, agility, and talent all make you the best of the best. However, at ACER Racing, we’ve got a little something extra that’ll give you the upper hand. Our super durable and revolutionary ball bearings are just what you need to stay strong in the winner’s circle.

With that in mind, the 6806 bearing is perfect for cyclists, racers and skaters alike. Made out of ceramic, these bearings last longer, are better at resisting heat and friction and won’t corrode at all! Of course, because the 6806 bearing is extremely lightweight, it can drastically improve your speed and even help you control your ride with better precision. 

At ACER Racing, we know speed and we know you want maximum performance. So it’s no wonder that our clients keep coming back and prefer our top-of-the-line products, like our incredible BB30 bearings, for all of their racing needs. Just ask anyone in the winner’s circle and they’ll agree.

A true winner won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of their shining moment. So with that in mind, ACER Racing continues to be the leader in providing the most durable and high quality bearings for everyone in the racing industry. It’s no wonder that so many trust our products like our amazing and element resisting skateboard bearings, so that no matter what comes your way, you’ll still remain on top!

Get the most out of what you’ve got and make sure you trust in ACER Racing for all of your racing needs. Whether you use skateboards, skates or even bikes, we’re a winner’s best bet that’ll get them to the finish line!