Huge Selection of Quality RC Bearings

Our online store here at ACER Racing provides an easy way to buy quality RC bearings or skate bearings. Finding the exact parts you need can be a daunting task, especially for racers who are just starting out. That is why our website makes it easy to find bearing kits for all size models. And if you still have trouble, our customer service team is ready to give you the helping hand you need.

We at ACER Racing are a leading ball bearing manufacturer in the industry because of our decades of experience and long history of working with winning racers. Our signature series, the Ceramic Nitride Pro Series, is meant for racers who want nothing but the best. These bearings combine ultra-light materials with valuable properties like extreme heat resistance, low friction, and no-contact low resistance removable seals. Those who still want great performance, but want to save on costs, can look to our ACER Sport ball bearings. Instead of using ceramic balls, these ball bearings are made from a high-grade HCCA ultralite. This material still offers a higher level of performance than typical steel bearings.

And for those casual racers who simply want a high-quality yet low-cost alternative can look to our PTFE sealed ball bearings. These bearings provide excellent and smooth racing performance at a great price.

We offer bearings of all kinds for all your various needs: RC vehicles, fishing, cycling, skating, mountain biking, and more. Our massive selection and helpful customer service staff make for the easiest way to buy bearings to suit your needs.

Skate Bearings

ACER Racing’s size 608 ceramic skate bearings are made from the same high-quality materials as our legendary ACER Racing Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearings for RC cars.

Starting with silicon nitride ceramic balls, which are 79 percent lighter than tungsten carbide, our shatterproof bearings are housed in an HSR inner cage with dual, non-contact seals. These bearings have a very high level of heat and friction resistance, which is considerable, and provide a level of thermal elasticity that is simply unobtainable from other materials.

All of our sealed kits or sealed individual bearings come with our American made ACER Racing SIN synthetic oil, which is engineered to further improve their performance.

Start Racing Now

We know our RC and skate bearings are the best, and that is why other disreputable suppliers may sell false versions of our products. The only way to be sure that you have our high-quality ACER Racing bearings is to buy directly from our store.

Our customer service team is here to help you get more speed, life, and overall performance out of your RC racer or skateboard. We have been producing RC bearings for over 30 years because we know what we are doing—our team is committed to answering your questions because we know that great service matters. Visit our contact page for more.