High Quality and Low-Cost RC Bearings

Since 1989, ACER Racing has been manufacturing the highest quality RC ball bearings at the best prices. Known as the “hardest balls in the industry,” ACER Racing does not compromise in the construction of its ball bearings.

Our ceramic silicon nitride Si3N4 balls are nearly 80 percent lighter than tungsten carbide balls. These sealed bearings are meant to improve your speed, acceleration, and durability. Because the ceramic design is thermal resistant, dangerous heat buildup is significantly reduced. This makes our bearings last as much as ten times longer than average bearings.  They are highly-resistant to shattering and offer a degree of elasticity that most ball bearings simply do not offer. Since there is less wear on our diamond-polished ceramic silicon nitride design – further increasing their lifespan – these balls also save you money in the long run.

Every individual bearing or kit also comes with ionically-bonding synthetic oil – our American ACER Racing SIN lubrication – which further improves performance and longevity. This oil can withstand temperatures as low as -50 and as high as 120 degrees Celsius. Case in point, our commitment to quality is unmatched and we have the best RC Bearings price in 2019.

608 Ceramic Skate Bearings

If you need skate bearings, our 608 ceramic skate bearings are unbeatable. With removable seals, diamond-polished silicon nitride ceramic balls; and a highly-durable high speed, low friction nylon cage, our ceramic skate bearings are of the highest quality. These ceramic bearing balls can withstand temperatures over 2500 degrees Fahrenheit—that is hotter than fire! 

Based on our ACER Racing Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearings, our 608 skate bearings offer the same super lightweight and ultra-durable experience that our signature series does. These bearings also come with our famous SIN oil.

Each kit comes with our integrated HSR inner ball bearing cage to for additional heat resistance at higher RPMs. If it is not apparent yet, every component of our bearings is engineered to be lightweight, durable, and without any concession, the best. For those who need even more speed, we also offer the same bearings without seals, which further reduce friction. Check out our Naked SK8 version.

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We know our RC and skate bearings are the best in the business. The only way to guarantee that you have high-quality ACER Racing bearings is to buy directly from us.

Our customer service representatives are here to help you get more speed, life, and overall performance out of your RC racer, skateboard, or vehicle. We have made the best bearings in the business for over 30 years because we know what we are doing. Our team is happy to answer your questions. We know that great service matters. Visit our contact page for more.