Harder, Better, and Faster

Whether you’re a serious RC racer or busy hitting the pavement on your skateboard, you need the best bearings to keep you going harder and faster. At ACER Racing, we not only know that you rely on super bearings to get you moving. Yes, when it comes to bearings, you don’t want to be caught with anything short of perfection.

Our 6806 bearing, also known as the 61806 ball bearing, gives racers and skaters the most reliable and smoothest rides of their lives. With the option of purchasing this ball bearing individually or in a complete kit, the serious racer or casual rider can rest easy knowing that they’ve got the right parts. Moving with control and racing with ease is what makes opting for the ACER Racing 6806 bearing a no-brainer.

For an outstanding ride, you need to try the BB30 bearings. Every racer and skater knows that these balls are what make all the difference! These top-notch bearings redefine what it means to go harder. Take your ride to the next level and check out how these ceramic bearings are going to bring you to new extremes! ACER Racing realizes that the hardcore rider needs to rely on a sum of raw talent, sweet skills and superior ball bearings for optimum performance. Providing clients with top-of-the-line skateboard bearings, ACER Racing will maximize your performance no matter who’s watching.

For more information on the hardest balls in the business, contact us today. Our team is ready and waiting to speed you on your way!