Get Your Kicks with the Best Ball Bearings

Sometimes there is just no telling when the perfect moment can arrive to hit the pavement. All skaters, racers and bikers know that it takes just the right amount of speed and thrust to pull off those sweet tricks. That’s why we at ACER Racing know that you need to have the right equipment on deck to help you catch that air whenever the perfect moment arrives.

Sometimes known as the 61806 ball bearing, the 6806 bearing is the most durable and preferred ball bearing in the industry. Bikers know just how powerful installing these ball bearings can be for their overall performance. Made out of incredibly durable ceramic, these ball bearings have the highest resistance to heat and friction, both of which can seriously damage street cred if they get the best of you during your ride.

Whether you’re new to the scene or have been a hardcore rider for years, you can’t get caught without BB30 bearings!  Available in one convenient kit, you can add the BB30 to you ride and you’ll immediately feel the difference. The ride is noticeably smoother and it’s safe to say we all prefer the path with least resistance.

ACER Racing has the perfect skateboard bearings for whatever your needs may be. If you skate to get around or aim on being the next Tony Hawk, our bearings will help you get there. Made out of the most durable and long lasting materials, you will definitely be able to trust ACER Racing for your skating needs.

We at ACER Racing know just what you need for the smoothest and fastest ride on the road. Don’t let another perfect skating and racing moment go by without using our first class bearings!