Get the Edge Racer’s Truly Desire with the MR106 Bearing

The MR106 bearing is among the top in ACER Racing’s acclaimed lineup of products for racers. The 6x10x3mm ceramic ball bearing offering, as it’s also known, is a part or ACER’s outstanding collection that includes such specialties as the 5x10x4mm bearing that gives every racer the edge they need – and the advantage is what every competitor desires. ACER Racing offers the best in competitive RC racing, from ceramic ball bearings to tungsten carbide differential balls to the MR105 bearing.

Racers know that, among racer-serving companies, ACER Racing offers exceptional service. It’s all in the name: ACER Racing is designed to provide RC racers the advantage they need to succeed. When you decide to get on our wheels, soon you’ll know the difference between wheels that run smoothly and lesser products. Without them, your RC, skateboard, or whatever you roll on, simply won't perform as expected.

Try ACER Racing’s ball bearings, differential balls, lubes, ball bearing cleaners, wires, powerpole connectors, o-rings, titanium screws and more. What racers need – titanium screws, lug nuts, bolts, even stickers, ACER Racing provides. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know racers want to race faster, longer. With the certain challenges that racing inevitably brings – breakdowns, parts failures, goofy mechanical errors – ACER Racing removes without fail.

For instance, our Ceramic Pro Nitride Pro Series bearings use the hardest, smoothest and lightest ceramic balls known. Some can say their balls are hard; we offer ceramic balls. They are hard while also providing resistance against the demands that racing demands. They are simply the very best.