Fidget Spinner Bearing

ACER Racing is always on top of the latest trends in racing, but man does not live by speed alone! You might have heard of the fidget spinner and how it’s taken the world by storm. This gadget may not be used for racing but even so, our top-notch skate bearings improve the overall fidget spinner experience.

What exactly is a fidget spinner? This new toy is actually great for those who crave constant movement or who just like to keep their hands busy. Made out of plastic and a few bearings, individuals can spin and fidget with this toy for hours on end. The growing popularity of fidget spinners has led many to experiment with bearings of all sorts in order to get their spinners to spin faster and for much longer.

That’s where ACER Racing’s 608 Ceramic Bearings come in. As one of the leading skate bearings around, our 608 ceramic bearing is by far the best bearing to use in fidget spinners. Made out of extremely durable and heat resistant ceramic, our well-lubricated 608 bearing can make fidget spinners go incredibly fast. Avid fidget spinners can automatically feel the difference when they switch over to our 608 ceramic bearings. If you’ve got a fidget spinner of your own and want to keep it going faster for a lot longer, customize your fidget spinner with ACER Racing’s 608 bearings.

Acer Racing is the Place for Fidget Spinners Bearings!

At ACER Racing, we only use the toughest and longest lasting materials in all of our bearings. We’re known as the hardest balls in the industry for a reason! For more information about our 608 Ceramic Bearings or any other one of our top-notch ball bearings, feel free to reach us through our contact page.