Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than the Best

In the world of RC racing, there’s no reason to aim for anything less than first place whenever you hit the track.  That means giving it your all, not only during the race, but long before the race has begun. That also means not settling for second place parts, and trusting your bearings and other vital components to the winning team at ACER Racing.

Our RC ball bearings are the hardest and most reliable in the industry, and this success is apparent in the number of champions who rely on our products. In addition to our traditional ceramic ball bearings, we also provide racers with state of the art silicon nitride bearings that hold up even under the most extreme racing conditions. We also stock bearings designed to offer exceptional dirt resistance in cases where an RC race may hit the outdoors.

Championship teams also rely on ACER Racing for a wide variety of other parts, including wires, screws, and cleaners used to make sure that every millimeter of the car is in top racing shape. Racers turn to our cutting-edge titanium screws, which are both extremely lightweight, but have the hardness and durability to hold up to even the most sudden movements. We know how important it is to not feel limited during a race, and with our parts in your car you’ll have the confidence to make the moves on the track that winners rely on to come out on top. At ACER Racing, we strive for perfection, so you and your team can focus on winning every time you hit the track.