Ceramic Ball Bearings: The Best Parts for a Winning Edge

Whether you’re a manufacturer or a serious racing enthusiast who enjoys going the DIY route, ceramic ball bearings from ACER Racing are the best choice for a new vehicle or an exciting new build. Using ceramics means that these bearings are harder, more durable and smooth, reducing friction to an absolute minimum. Whether you’re looking for an edge to make your bike the very best on the street, the perfect ball bearings for your skateboard, or RC ball bearings that will help your machine glide down the track, ACER Racing is your go-to resource for all the best parts.

In addition to RC, skateboard and bicycle bearings, we also offer a number of other products including:

  • Fishing reel bearings
  • Fidget-spinner bearings
  • Superworm wire
  • Titanium screws
  • Lube and ball bearing cleaner
  • Powerpole connectors
  • Ultra-O O-Rings
  • Carbon fibers stickers
  • And more!

ACER Racing knows that our customers are smart people who expect outstanding quality products that offer real value. That’s why we make sure that each and every one of our products is made according to the highest standards out there. It’s also why our team is committed to providing truly outstanding customer service that gets you the products you need, when you need them.