Boost Your Boosted Board with a Ceramic Bearing Upgrade Kit

Boosted electric skateboards are taking urban transportation to a whole new level of extreme performance with a super powerful product that provides massive muscle -- as much as four times the power of a Tour de France rider going up a mountain! Fortunately, even the world’s best things can be made better and ACER Racing’s Boosted Board Ceramic Bearing Upgrade Service Kit can help you get every inch of maximum performance from your board.

At ACER Racing, we’re famed for having the hardest balls in the business, and there’s no doubt that our ceramic bearings are smoother, faster, lighter and more durable than stock bearings.  With this kit you can make sure your Boosted board spins at its absolute best because it features our totally top tier Ceramic Nitride Pro Series silicon nitrate balls.

These are no ordinary balls as they boast an awe-inspiring melting temperature of 2552 degrees Fahrenheit and world’s best modulus of elasticity. And that’s only the beginning as they are lubricated with our American ACER Racing SIN oil which makes for an amazing 1 million speed factor.  Each Boosted Board Ceramic Bearing Upgrade Service Kit includes 10 bearings and reusable washers and spacers, so you can bet you’re getting the absolute most for you urban transport dollar.

Get Your Boosted Board Upgrade Kit Now!

At ACER Racing we’re known for the using the hardest, toughest, most long-lasting and durable materials that give racers and leading-edge urban commuters the highest level of next generation performance possible.  To get started on upgrading your Boosted Board, visit our Boosted Board upgrade kit page now. You can also get in touch with us by visiting our contact page today to learn more about this or any other ACER Racing product.  The hardest balls and the best service are just an e-mail or phone call away!