Bicycle Bearings that Work as Hard as You

You train hard to race hard, and your wheels need to keep up. Even if your vehicle is meticulously maintained, though, you may find yourself struggling with the bicycle bearings in your current bottom bracket. Maybe you find yourself struggling to balance your wheels or constantly cleaning crud out of the bearings. Don’t sacrifice quality when you need new ball bearings – get ACER Racing’s bicycle bearings and win. At ACER Racing, we don’t accept anything less than the best, and neither should you.

ACER Racing is famous for our ceramic ball bearings. We opened 30 years ago in Santa Monica, home of skaters and cyclists who played hard. Over the years, dozens of companies like ours opened all over town, but ACER Racing was the first to offer high quality ceramic bearings, instead of the more common steel. Ceramics have come a long way thanks to aerospace engineers, seeking materials durable enough to take the heat, pressure, and stress of going to outer space and coming back. That technology is in our ceramic ball bearings, making your bike better, faster, and stronger.

Of course, we don’t just have the best ball bearings for cyclists or skaters – our inventory has expanded to RC ball bearings, fishing reel bearings, and even fidget spinner bearings. We also have a full inventory of high quality accessories so you can enhance whatever wheels you want. ACER Racing’s bearings have been called the hardest balls in the industry – not because we think so, but because our hard working, award winning customers know so!