Bicycle Bearings that Get You There Fast

Bicycle Bearings that Get You There Fast!

If you’re a specialty bike manufacturer or a hardcore DIY racing enthusiast, bicycle bearings are all about maximizing speed and maneuverability. ACER Racing has been making high performance parts for decades, and our bicycle bearings are the gold standard.

To create the strongest, lightest, and most long-lasting products, we’ve selected three particular materials that provide the very best performance in this category. These are 6AL4V aerospace grade titanium, silicon nitride ceramic, and the best carbon fiber on the market. The silicon nitride ceramic bearing offers minimal rolling resistance and low friction. We also offer outstanding lightweight 6AL4V titanium M6x20 screws.

With ACER Racing, you can always expect the very best. Whether you’re buying bicycle bearings or RC ball bearings, you can depend on us for top-tier quality every time. We’re also committed to innovation, with products like our pure ceramic silicon nitride bearings that have been wowing enthusiast DIYers and manufacturers for decades. These bearings allow our customers to craft vehicles, small and large, that race faster, longer, and totally under control.

ACER Racing is also committed to providing outstanding value and customer service. Since 1989, we’ve known that making sure that customers get the products they need, when they need them, is as important as any other aspect of our business. To get in touch with us, use our contact page. We make sure that purchasing through our website is easy, fast, and safe!