ACER Racing Offers Racers a Truly Terrific 6700 Bearing

At ACER Racing, we're known for providing World Champion ceramic nitride pro series RC ball bearings and ceramic differential balls that are the fastest, lightest, smoothest and hardest balls in the industry since 1989. Take for instance our 6700 bearing, made from the world champion nitride pro series bearing material. The 6700 bearing can be used anywhere that a 10x15x4 mm ball bearing is required – in fact, a Traxxas racers often use it as a direct high performance replacement for the Traxxas 5119 bearing.

By using our diamond polished Silicon Nitride Ceramic balls, aspiring champions can make a name for themselves in the world of R/C racing. Simply put, at ACER Racing we offer the best, lightest, most durable, hardest balls anywhere. Similarly impressive is our mr106 bearing (6x10 mm bearing). The bearing is oiled (not greased) and sealed on both sides, ensuring optimal performance.

At ACER Racing, the mr106 bearing, much like our mr105 bearing, is offered at an extremely competitive price. It's this commitment to first-rate quality at reasonable prices that has made us a leader in RC racing, as well as cycling, for over 24 years. Further still, our ceramic nitride balls offer better wear characteristics than tungsten carbide differential balls – and at 79% less weight.

Simply put, ACER Racing ball bearings are the best differential and hardest balls in the industry. We provide quick delivery and easy ordering, as well. If you're looking to race faster and longer – on the same level as the pros, ACER Racing is the ideal option.