A Smooth Victory with Ceramic Ball Bearings

At ACER Racing, we’ve supported all kinds of competitive racers for 30 years. Since we started in Santa Monica in 1989, our high-quality ball bearings, connectors, wires, and other crucial components have helped racers from RC cars to bicycles lead the pack. Our ceramic ball bearings are so durable, in fact, that ACER Racing is known for having the hardest ball bearings in the industry.

When you race RC cars, your focus is making your model vehicle the fastest on the track. You need long-lasting batteries, efficient but quick gasoline engines, or powerful nitro engines. You need a chassis that can take a beating. You need to make sure the wheels are balanced and the axle will last for years. You definitely need quality RC ball bearings from ACER Racing.

Our impressive line of ceramic RC ball bearings will keep your car balanced and running smoothly for years. We didn’t decide we had the hardest balls in the business, after all – that came from our customers! Of course, steel bearings are a good starter option, but when you want to win a race, ceramic will last longer, disperse heat better, and keep your car more stable for the whole race.

ACER Racing is the leading producer of other ball bearings too, including bicycle bearings for hardcore cyclists. Trust the scientists in the aerospace industry that ceramic is the best material, and ACER Racing’s ceramic ball bearings are the hardest balls you can get. To take advantage of our outstanding value and customer service contact us by email today