8x22x7 mm Bearings are Another Example of ACER Racing Dominance

The 8x22x7mm bearing from ACER Racing is sealed with PTFE, and as well as our HSR inner cage technology. They are designed to be used by skateboarders who put their boards through all types of abuse and shock forces – without ever letting the skater down. Of course, our track record or national and international racing success speaks for itself, and now that we're working in the skateboard field, there can be no doubt that our products truly are the hardest – and best – balls in the industry.

The 8x22x7mm bearing is perfectly designed for skateboarders, though they still feature ACER Racing's famous and proven R/C and bike bearings. Though the incredibly designed ball bearing options from ACER Racing have proven ideal for R/C racers and cyclists alike who will settle for nothing but the best performance, for skateboarders, the need for the hardest, most reliable balls is arguably even more important.

After all, a skateboard that isn't working at an optimal level doesn't only ensure one won't perform like a champion, but it can even be dangerous for the boarder. That's why, at ACER Racing, we provide a number of incredible bearings that provide skaters with the highest quality ceramic ball bearings in the industry.

Perhaps most incredibly, at ACER Racing, we have branched out substantially since 1989. By teaming with CEN ball bearings, Corally ball bearings, GS Racing ball bearing and others to create exceptional racing tools like our 6700 bearing, using our diamond Silicon Nitride Ceramic balls. Options like 6700 and 8x22x7 mm bearings, among other great options are available on our site, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.