608 Bearing

608 Bearing

Here at Acer Racing, the leading provider for RC racing and skating customers, we offer a perennial favorite, the 608 bearing. The 608 bearing, also known as the 8x22x7mm ball bearing or 8x22mm ceramic ball bearing, is proven to operate at a higher standard of performance. These superlite bearings were put to the test by World Champion speed skater Peter Doucet, who used them to reduce his lap speed from 10.3 seconds to 9.98 seconds, a dramatic improvement by any measure. He is now a loyal user of the 608 bearing, which has an ABEC 7 rating and comes with synthetic cream lubrication.



8x22x7mm Bearing

We are proud to offer our valued customers the 8x22x7mm bearing, one of the ultimate names in high-performance. Also known as the 608 ceramic ball bearing or the 8x22mm ball bearing, the 8x22x7mm bearing represents the paragon of ball bearing engineering. Superlite and yet incredibly durable, the 8x22x7mm bearing will not only meet but exceed your loftiest expectations. This highly-sought-after product, like everything we offer here at Acer Racing, is very competitively priced.

8x22mm Bearing

Acer Racing offers the 8x22mm bearing, also known as the 608 ball bearing or 8x22x7mm ceramic ball bearing, at a very competitive price. With an impressive track record (World Champion speed skater Peter Doucet used it to drop his lap speed by 0.3 seconds!) and all the qualities you’re looking for in a high-performance ball bearing, the 8x22mm bearing has earned its superior reputation through and through. Order the 8x22mm bearing from Acer Racing today!