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      titanium screws

      ACER Racing introduces ACERTi: our latest line of Titanium screws which are manufactured using the finest Aerospace Grade 6AL4V Titanium to achieve the hardest and lightest titanium screws, titanium nuts, and titanium bolts. Check out our full line of M3, M4, M5, M6 and M8 titanium screws with flat heads, button heads, cap heads, tapered heads, 12 point heads and flanged heads. We use ONLY 6AL4V Titanium and not the cheaper Grade 1 or 2 titanium other manufacturers use. While the lower grades may look similar to 6AL4V Titanium and are easier to cut, they do not have anywhere near the amazing strength of our Grade 5 6AL4V Titanium screws which is over 400% stronger.

      6AL4V Titanium properties include a tensile strength of 1000 MPa (megapascals) which is the equivalent of 145000 psi. By comparison, annealed type 316 stainless steel has tensile strength of only 570 MPa (82670 psi), tempered 6061 aluminium alloy has tensile strength of 310 MPa, and Grade 1 Titanium has a tensile strength of only 240 MPa (34809 psi). Do not accept lower grade titanium - use only the best: ACERTi.

      Highest Grade 6AL4V Aerospace Grade Titanium
      50% lighter than steel yet stronger
      Corrosion Free
      Rolled not machined threads for best fatigue resistance
      Super Deep heads for easy tool insertion

      82 products

      82 products