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      flexible silicone copper wire

      ACER Racing’s original SUPERWORM is the most flexible high performance silicone insulated copper wire available anywhere. Engineered using up to 1650 strands of tinned pure copper wire for low resistance and easy soldering. Available in the following sizes: 8 Gauge, 10 Gauge, 12 Gauge, 14 Gauge, 16 Gauge and 18 Gauge in lengths of 10 ft, 20 ft, 50 ft and 100 ft. We can also custom cut in continuous wire lengths to fit your specific application. Since 1989 Superworm has been the leader in high performance racing wire and test lead wire. Accept no imitations: Superworm, the original flexible copper wire since 1989.

      Silicone insulated copper electrical wire is widely used in electrical applications where high temperatures, flexibility, and durability are required. Superworm is composed of very thin copper conductor covered with a silicone rubber insulation, providing several notable advantages over other types of wire.

      One of the primary benefits of our silicone insulated copper wire is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. Silicone rubber has excellent thermal stability, allowing the wire to operate in a wide temperature range, typically from -50°C to 180°C (-58°F to 356°F). This makes it suitable for use in high-temperature environments, such as industrial equipment, automotive engines, and heating systems.

      Additionally, our silicone insulation offers excellent electrical properties. It has high dielectric strength, which means it can withstand high voltages without breakdown or insulation failure. This makes Superworm silicone insulated copper wire suitable for applications where electrical safety and reliability are crucial.

      Flexibility is another key advantage of our silicone insulated copper wire. The silicone rubber insulation provides excellent flexibility, allowing the wire to be easily bent, twisted, and routed in confined spaces without compromising its electrical performance. This flexibility makes it convenient for installations that require maneuverability and ease of handling, such as in electronics, appliances, and automotive wiring.

      Silicone insulation also provides good resistance to chemicals, oils, solvents, and moisture. It offers protection against corrosion and degradation, ensuring the longevity and reliability of electrical connections even in harsh environments. This resistance to environmental factors makes silicone insulated copper wire suitable for outdoor installations, marine applications, and areas prone to chemical exposure.

      Moreover, silicone insulation offers good flame retardant properties, reducing the risk of fire propagation in the event of a short circuit or electrical fault. This makes it a safer option for applications where fire safety is critical, such as in building wiring and electrical equipment. Superworm's silicone jacket is rated at 200 degrees celcius.

      Superworm wire combines excellent thermal stability, electrical properties, flexibility, and chemical resistance of silicone with the conductivity and malleability of copper. It is a reliable and versatile option for various electrical applications, particularly those that involve high temperatures, flexibility requirements, and harsh environments.

      7 products

      7 products