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      Ceramic Ball Bearings

      Since 1989...how many companies can say that?

      Back in 1989 in sunny Santa Monica California, we started the Ceramic Ball Bearing craze as the first company to pioneer RC Ceramic Diff Ball and Ball bearing technology. Our belief was that lightweight racing was the future of all racing and we were right. Our Ceramic Silicon Nitride Balls were 79% lighter than tungsten carbide which lowered rotational mass, decreased heat and friction, and lasted much longer.

      Built for every RC application and track tested, competitive RC racers around the world agree: if you want to perform at a professional level, ACER Racing ceramic ball bearings are your best & only option. Our Ceramic Ball Bearings offer the freest movement and smoothest transitions of all ball bearings. Legends in RC racing like champions Chad Bradley, Jeremy Kortz, and Greg Degani (the first American IFMAR World Champion and ACER Racer) all use ACER Racing's Ceramic Nitride Pro Series ceramic ball bearings in their RC vehicles. Ceramic ball bearings are extremely lightweight and will improve the driving performance of your RC car. Additionally, ceramic ball bearings have been proven to last longer than other materials, saving you money in the long run. The thermal properties of ceramic ball bearings prevents friction heat from building up, resulting in an unbeatably smooth, fast ride. Additionally, our ceramic ball bearings are shatter proof and our superior modulus of elasticity means that our ceramic ball bearings resist deformation under loads and heat which would destroy other bearings.

      ACER Racing has nearly 30 years experience in the RC industry and has earned a reputation of equipping the world’s fastest RC cars with our ceramic balls and ceramic ball bearings. Our ceramic ball bearings will allow your RC car to race & accelerate faster and longer while reducing rotational mass and heat friction. Our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series ceramic ball bearings offer RC racers the best bearings in the world. These top of the line ceramic ball bearings can be purchased in a full ball bearing kit or individually. Remember, our Ceramic ball bearings are the winning secret for top RC competitors worldwide. If your goal is to gain speed, control, and durability in your RC car, ACER Raing ceramic ball bearings are the ball bearings of choice. If you are looking for a more economical option in ball bearings, try our ACERSport bearings.

      AVAILABLE FOR VIRTUALLY EVERY POPULAR RC KIT. Newest additions to our extensive stock: Associated TC7.1, RC12R6, B5M, B6, RC8 B3.1, Axial Yeti, Capricorn C803, HPI Baja, Savage Flux, Kyosho Ultima RB6.6, Mugen MBX8, Mugen MTX6, Mugen MGT7, Hong Nor Sabre X3, Associated SC10.3, Kyosho MP9 TKI4, Tamiya TRF 419, Traxxas Slash 4x4 VXL, Traxxas X MAXX 8S, Traxxas Summit, Losi 8IGHT 4.0, Losi 22 SCT 3.0, Serpent Natrix 748 and many more!! Please search our inventory for a full listing of all the bearing kits we currently offer.

      If you need a specific application not seen here please email us at info@acerracing.com for a custom price quote.

      187 products

      187 products