Mercedes Titanium Lug Bolts

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Manufactured from aerospace grade 6AL4V Titanium, these titanium lug bolts will not corrode or rust and offer a significant weight savings on your Mercedes while giving a very sporty and aggressive look. Rolled threads for superior fatigue resistance. Available in natural 6AL4V Titanium or BLACK PVD titanium color (the most durable Black and a much more intensive process than anodizing or powder coating). Available in several shaft lengths from 28mm to 60mm.   R14 ball seat.

If you are using aftermarket wheels that use cone/conical seats instead of ball click HERE

If you have an older Mercedes that uses M12 bolts click HERE

For Mercedes AMG GT/GTS/GTC/GTR up to 2022 model year click HERE

The standard length of 28mm is also available with a specially designed and very beautiful lock bolt version. The lock bolt version will have 16 lug bolts, 4 lock bolts and 1 key tool. Lock bolts come with 7 sided hex heads that look aesthetically identical to the standard 6 sided hex but need the special tool for removal.

The 28mm version is a direct replacement for the Mercedes C63S lug bolt unless you are using aftermarket wheels in which you have to check to see if the aftermarket wheels take a cone base or OEM ball base lug bolt.  the 28mm shaft version is the equivalent dimensions to Mercedes part numbers A0009904907, A0009908307, A1634010370, A2114010370, W01331909330.

We also make a 45mm shaft length which is used in many newer Mercedes it is  M14x1.5x45 with a 69mm overall length and equivalent to part A0009905407 and W01331819237.  This comes in a star head pattern which uses the same 17mm Mercedes tool or a standard 17mm hex head.  This 45mm shaft version lug bolt is also used for the 2023 AMG GT 4 door coupe.  also If you need this shape but are using 15mm spacers we also make the 60mm shaft version.  

Note: TORX versions have a TORX 70 head - tool not included but is a common size in most tool boxes or can be purchased in a hardware store or online.