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ACERSport super precision bearings undergo the same rigorous quality control as our ceramic bearings, however they use our high grade HCCA ultralite balls instead of ceramic balls. They are sealed with our exclusive new dual Polyamide Seal that comes in different colors depending on the bearing size which gives an added touch to your already awesome application. Our new Polyamide Seal is best for dirt resistance and is designed to generate the lowest rolling friction of any other seal we carry for a super smooth ride. ACERSport bearings use 100% synthetic Made in USA ACERGoo lubrication, have a high performance HSR inner cage, and use proprietary precision inner cage tolerances designed for lower friction and higher speed.

ACERSport bearings are for use in many applications but we do offer full bearing kits for RC cars. Newest additions to our extensive stock of ball bearing kits: Traxxas Summit Bearings, OFNA TS4 Bearings, XRAY NT1 Bearings, XRAY T4 Bearings, Traxxas E Revo Bearings, Axial AX10 Scorpion, Tekno EB48 Bearings, Tamiya TRF419, Tamiya 418, Yokomo BD, Associated 18T, Tamiya EVO IV, SCHUMACHER mi2, Mugen MTX6 and MTX8 Bearings, Associated RC10 Classic bearings, Losi Mini-T, XXX4, HPI Savage bearings, and many more!!

In addition to a full like of complete
bearing kits we offer individual ball bearings in most popular sizes. Don't see your ball bearing kit listed? Just send us an email to for a low custom price quote.

288 products

288 products