Where to Buy Titanium Screws

Where to buy titanium screws? Right here, of course! ACER Racing sells titanium screws for RC cars and other applications on their online store.

ACER Racing is known for having the “hardest balls in the industry,” and their screws live up to that same high-quality standard. Using the highest grade of 6AL4V titanium alloy, these screws are significantly stronger than traditional steel screws. We don’t compromise on the quality of materials. While other manufacturers use the same alloy, many often use Grade 1 or Grade 2 6AL4V titanium, which is much more susceptible to wear and damage.

Moreover, ACER Racing uses Grade 5 6AL4V titanium in our screws, which is as much as 400 percent stronger than the lesser quality titanium. This grade of titanium is also much stronger than steel and, as an added bonus, much lighter as well. For RC vehicles, lighter components equal improved speed. These titanium screws are also corrosion free, meaning that customers do not need to worry about rusty screws making it difficult or impossible to take down a vehicle for maintenance without breaking other components.

For your convenience, ACER Racing titanium screws also have deep heads, giving users easy access and maneuverability with their tools. This also limits the potential for stripping the screw’s head as tools can get a better grip. Whereas steel degrades over time, inevitably leading to a head that is difficult to grip, titanium is much less prone to the same type of damage. The titanium screws are also rolled, instead of machined. This allows for a smoother entry and exit when installing the screws, thus limiting the chance of damaging the threads — something that can damage the functionality of both the screw and item the screw is being used for.

Online Store

If you are looking to buy titanium screws for RC racing or any other application (like skateboard mounting hardware), ACER Racing has what you need. There are dozens of options for these screws, including head style, size, length, and more. We offer a full lineup of ACERTi M3, M4, M5, M6, and M8 titanium screws, all of which are easily found on ACER Racing’s online store.

If you need titanium screws for RC vehicles or any other application, ACER Racing has what you need. The company’s customer service team is happy to assist any customers that have questions or comments on titanium screws or any other component for RC cars, skateboards, and beyond. Simply visit our contact page for more information.