Where to Buy Silicone Wire

If you want to know where to buy silicone wire, you’re right where you need to be. At ACER Racing, we strive to make the best parts for customers and that started in 1989 with our now World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series RC ball bearings, which are now among the most popular upgrades among RC enthusiasts. It gets better because our team at ACER Racing have expanded our offerings with our ACER Superworm silicone wire. Just like our pro and sport ball bearings, made-in-USA lubrications, high-grade titanium screws and nuts, and carbon fiber, we pull out all the stops with our uncompromising attention to quality and detail by making high quality ultra-flexible soft silicone wire that blows our competitors away.

Superworm Flexible Silicone Wire

As industry leaders, our production team simply cannot compromise on quality. That’s why our silicone wire is made with up to 1650 strands of high-quality copper wire, allowing for a potent connection with very little electrical resistance. Our wire is available in 6 sizes: 8 gauge, 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 14 gauge, 16 gauge and 18 gauge, giving our customers as much flexibility as is built into the same wiring.

With almost 1700 strands of copper, a smooth electrical transfer is guaranteed with minimal heat buildup. The silicone jacket is also made of a formula that is tough, yet highly flexible without a high risk of breaking. The high number of strands also means the wires will last far longer than lesser quality wires. Many other brands use cheaper quality copper, filled with impurities and fewer strands in their wire. These lesser wires have higher electrical resistance, aren’t as flexible, and are much more prone to failure. All in all, these wires generate more heat, which increases the overall likelihood failure for your RC. Instead, save the extra voltage and go with ACER Racing’s Superworm silicone wire.

If you need the best wiring available, ACER Racing’s shopping experience is the best place to order online silicone wire.

Other Acer Products

It’s no secret that ACER Racing is among the top names in RC with our elite line of products starting with our Ceramic Nitride Pro ball bearings. These bearings use a ceramic alloy instead of tungsten carbide, making for a far lighter and smoother bearing. With minimal—almost nonexistent—heat generation and extremely low electrical resistance, these bearings offer the best performance over any other bearing on the market.

However, if you prefer a more economical option, we also offer ACER Sport bearings. They provide some of the same craftsmanship in a less expensive package. Also, ACER Sport bearings use HCCA ultralight materials instead of ceramic, but still offer a performance upgrade over tradition tungsten carbide bearings.

Order from ACER Racing Now

We are ACER Racing want to provide the best possible experience for our customers. That’s why we recently overhauled our entire website. If you are looking for specific parts but can’t find what you’re looking for, just visit our contact page to send a message to our customer service team and we will gladly help you find everything you need.