Where to Buy Ball Bearings

Where to buy ball bearings? ACER Racing is the best place to shop for wheel bearings for RC, skateboards, and more. As the makers of the hardest balls in the industry, you can expect nothing but the most durable and performance-enhancing ball bearings there are. ACER Racing offers same day shipping on ball bearings orders placed before 10:30 am Los Angeles time. There is no minimum order requirement, even for international orders.

Naturally, there’s more to it than that. Customers not only save on bearings at acerracing.com, they get the best service, products, and overall experience of any RC bearings site.

Ball Bearings for the Casual Hobbyist

ACER Racing makes the world’s best RC ball bearings with our World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series, but we also know that some racers want a more economical option. That’s why we have made our ACER Sport ball bearings, which substitute our high-grade HCCA ultralite material for ceramic. These bearings may lack the power and potential of our Nitride Pro Series, but they are still far more potent than the industry standard tungsten carbide bearings. These PTFE sealed ball bearings are extremely resistant to dirt and generate the lowest rolling friction of any seal we offer, giving these bearings ultra-smooth operation. ACER Sport bearings also use a high-performance HSR inner cage that is optimized for higher speeds and lower friction.

Finally, our ACER Sport bearings use our own synthetic ACERGoo grease. This lubrication is made of the same synthetic ingredients as our popular and effective ACER SIN oil. ACERGoo helps gears run smoother, cooler, and quieter, along with extreme oxidation and pressure resistance properties. It keeps metal to metal contact from occurring and also protects parts from corrosion and dirt or dust.

Ball Bearings for the Elite Racer

If “casual” isn’t a word in your vocabulary, we at ACER Racing are the proud manufacturers of the World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series RC ball bearings. These bearings use high-quality ceramic balls instead of tungsten carbide and have been contributing to wins since 1989.

Ceramic bearings are almost 80 percent lighter than tungsten carbide bearings and generate almost no heat, as they produce practically zero friction. The decreased weight allows for a significant boost in speed while the lack of friction enhances durability – possibly lasting as much as ten times longer than other materials. Our ceramic bearings have extremely low electrical resistance; which, in combination with their other features, allows for the best overall performance of any ball bearing on the market.

Order from ACER Racing Now

ACER Racing is the top vendor for RC ball bearings, wiring, carbon fiber, and titanium screws. If you need the toughest bolts, nuts, or balls, check out our online store. Our customer service staff offers the same, uncompromising level of service as our top-notch products.

If you need assistance finding the right parts or suggestions on how to best improve the performance of your RC, do not hesitate to reach out via our contact page.