Titanium Screws 2019 are Here!

Titanium screws 2019 style are here! ACER Racing has all shapes and sizes of Titanium screws available for sale. Our ACERTi screws are made from Grade 5 6AL4V titanium, which is over 400 percent stronger than lower grades of titanium and steel. We sell a wide variety of these screws—along with titanium turnbuckles and lug bolts—including M3, M4, M5, M6, and M8 screws. All of these titanium screws have options for the head style, including cap heads, button heads, tapered heads, flanged heads, 12 point heads, and flat heads. Additionally, these screws have different overall size options.

Like our famous ball bearings, at ACER Racing we make titanium screws for several different applications, including RC vehicles and skateboard mounting hardware; however, these screws can be used for virtually any purpose. This particular alloy is similar to what is used in aircraft due to its light weight and exceptional durability. Grade 5 6AL4V titanium is roughly 50 percent lighter than steel, yet also many times stronger. Titanium is also corrosion proof, meaning that you will not have rusty screws compromising the quality and integrity of your vehicle. Steel, on the other hand, is much more likely to degrade over time.

ACER Racing’s titanium screws are made with “super deep heads” to allow customers to get a sturdy grip with tools. This cuts down on the likelihood of stripping the screw head; something that is already difficult considering the high-grade titanium. Additionally, our titanium screws are not machined but rolled. This provides smoother threading for the screw, making it less likely to damage whatever the screw is being used for or the screw itself, saving customers a serious headache in the long term.

This level of quality is sure to increase the potential of your RC cars, as lighter vehicles are able to move more quickly and obtain a faster top speed with less energy. Coupled with the company’s elite ball bearings, RC vehicles with ACER Racing products are sure to be lighter and more durable.

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Those looking for all kinds of screws can always look to ACER Racing’s online store for fast and convenient ordering. Our excellent customer service staff is happy to help any potential customers with any questions. We can also help identify parts, whether they relate to titanium screws or other components like ACER Racing’s famous World Championship Ceramic Nitride Pro Series RC ball bearings. Visit our contact page and get in touch today!