Buy Carbon Fiber Online

To buy carbon fiber online, start here. As always, ACER Racing makes the best materials and parts for RC enthusiasts. In addition to our top-tier bearings, wiring, and other products, we now offer high-quality carbon fiber tubing and supplies. Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight, yet offers comparable, if not enhanced, durability over stock body kits and frames. Each sheet possesses a flawlessly smooth matte surface – shedding the extra weight of a glossy surface – and uses quasi-isotropic layup. These sheets enable superior strength at any angle compared to 0 or 90-degree carbon fiber layups.

Our Professional Series Carbon Fiber Sheets come in many sizes, allowing you to fully customize the potential applications for your RC. More importantly, if you do not see the size that fills your needs below, we can make custom larger sizes with a minimum order of 25 pieces per order. Currently, we offer four different stock options in discounted carbon fiber sheets:

  • 200x300x3mm
  • 200x300x2mm
  • 5mm
  • 5mm

We also offer a wide selection of carbon fiber reinforcements.

ACER Racing Products that Win

ACER Racing has been a leading name in the RC world for decades. That success started with our ceramic nitride pro series of ball bearings, which substitute ceramic for tungsten carbide and provide a substantially smoother ride. With little to no heat generation and extremely low electrical resistance, these bearings are as much as ten times more durable than industry standard bearings while also providing a significant boost in performance. A lighter weight allows for a boosted top speed and increased acceleration to get there.

Of course, not every RC enthusiast is trying to be the next world champion. That’s why we also make our ACER Sport bearings. These bearings still offer a performance upgrade over standard bearings, but come with a lower price tag. These bearings are PTFE sealed to create less friction, therefore extending their lifespan and providing a smoother rotation. They are also lubricated with our professional grade and made-in-USA SIN synthetic oil, another of out top-notch products.

ACER Racing is also a producer of high-quality titanium components for RC and other applications. Our titanium screws are made of grade 5, aerospace worthy titanium for extreme durability and strength. These screws are rolled, not machined, meaning they are highly resistant to thread fatigue and further protected from early retirement.

Finally, our ACER Racing Superworm silicone wiring rounds out the list of our parts for RC. These wires use up to 1650 strands of copper for enhanced performance and lesser heat generation, meaning your vehicle can race faster, longer. The ultra-flexible silicone jacket will also take a beating, lasting far longer than cheaper wires from our competitors. 

Buy Carbon Fiber and Elite Components from ACER Racing

ACER Racing does not compromise on its offerings. We make the best parts so you can win – no exceptions. Whether you need ultralight ball bearings, durable carbon fiber sheets, or unbreakable grade 5 titanium screws, we have what you need. If you need help finding the right parts for your racer, send a message to our support staff via the contact page and we will do our best to get you what you need, when you need it.