15x28x7mm Ball Bearing | 6902 Ball Bearing | 61902 Bearing by ACER Racing

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6902 Ball Bearing 61902 Bearing
Perfect as a high precision cycling or MTB bearing or anywhere a 15x28x7mm bearing is required
ABEC 5 precision, durable nylon inner cage
These size 6902 super high performance ball bearings are from World Champion ACER Racing’s ACERSport collection. They include highly polished HCCA ultralite balls, dual removable no contact seals so they are completely serviceable, a high speed low noise low friction nylon cage, and 100% synthetic American lubrication. Lighter, faster: the ACER Racing way since 1989.

More About the Product

Bike Bearings (Steel)

6902 bearings from ACER Racing are here to provide the highest level of speed and performance, and also a plethora of options for manufacturers and serious DIYers. While many of our customers swear by our outstanding ceramic bearings, our 15x28x7mm steel bike bearings have advantages of their own. That starts with the fact that they are available at a value price many of our customers are going to have a very hard time resisting.

Even so, these bearings have a great deal more to offer than a strong price point. Our steel 6902 bicycle wheel bearings offer incredible strength, which means they can take maximum punishment and just keep right on going. Also, steel’s smooth surface means a quieter and smoother ride. And, yes, the price is perfect for hobbyists and manufacturers with their eyes on their bottom lines.


Satisfying the Need for Speed with ACER Racing

When seeking out the best ways to ensure super high performance for bicycles, RC vehicles and more, ACER Racing is ready to provide you with the best products, value pricing, and the most effective customer service in the industry so that you can get started making the most of your vehicles ASAP.  In the world of bicycling, skateboarding, RC cars, our customers know us as the home of hardest balls in the business and our commitment to iron-clad quality is a known quantity.

To find out what our ball bearing products can do for you and your business or serious hobby, feel free to visit our contact page and send us an e-mail to get things started.

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