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All RC models require ball bearings, and it is important to choose bearing kits, especially if you want to compete professionally. Ceramic ball bearings in particular are excellent choices, as they help improve the performance of the other components and the RC car as a whole. These ball bearing kits reduce friction, which helps to improve the durability and speed of the car. There are different manufacturers of bearing kits, so you need to choose wisely. ACER Racing is known for our quality bearing kits developed for top racers, proven and tested on the track. In many nitro RC trucks and cars, dirt and grime can affect performance and speed. For this reason, quality ball bearing kits are essential. Choosing bearing kits with ceramic ball bearings like ACER Racing’s and cleaning the components regularly can save a lot of trouble with nitro cars.

You can find bearing kits for all size models, from 1/18th scale to 1/4th scale. Finding the right components to fit your RC vehicle, whether it’s a car, boat, truck, helicopter or plane, is easy with ACER’s great selection of bearing kits. But before choosing a ball bearing kit, there are a few factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, you need to consider the performance and speed of the vehicle. You also need to think about the ease of application, material, number, and size of the ball components. Compare quality and pricing of bearing kits; however, do not sacrifice quality to save money. If you are really serious about RC racing, you need to invest in high quality ball bearings. Also, always do research to make sure you get the right size and precision level bearing kits for your remote control vehicles.


Ceramic Bearing Kits

If you’re tired of ball bearings that give out at high speeds or easily fracture during competitions, there’s a solution with AcerRacing ceramic bearing kits. Our ceramic bearing kits are able to provide incredible speeds, durability, and endurance, which has allowed them to become an invaluable resource for thousands of pro RC racers and amateur enthusiasts as well. Our ceramic bearing kits present many benefits over steel bearings: they don’t rust, they’re much lighter in weight, and can better withstand friction and thermal breakdown. Additionally, all of our ceramic ball bearings are precision tested in order to ensure an impeccable surface for a smooth ride.

Our ceramic bearing kits have allowed professional RC drivers to win high titles and placings in renowned international races. Take for example Chad Bradley who got first place in the January 2010 Hot Rod Hobbies race, 1st in the March 2010 Pro Short Course, and top 3 rankings in 30 other races since 2000. Chris is just one of the racers who swears by our ceramic bearing kits, and you can be one too. For the best ceramic ball bearing kits in the RC racing world, AcerRacing is your best bet.