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Ball Bearings


Ball Bearings

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ACER Racing offers 3 choices of bearings. Click on any of the 3 choices above or below for a full description and listing of bearings available. Race hard.


Ball Bearing Series:

Ceramic Nitride Pro Series:

National and World Champion ceramic bearings for the hardcore racer. Superlight, extremely durable, lowest friction possible, best acceleration and top speed. No-contact low resistance seals. Diamond polished Ceramic Nitride Pro Series balls which are 79% lighter than carbide and made from pure silicon nitride Si3N4. SIN lightweight synthetic lube. HSR engineered inner construction. $7.99 per ball bearing, full ball bearing kits start at $59.99.

Polyamide Sealed Ball Bearings:

For budget minded RC enthusiasts. Uses our HCCA ultralite non-ceramic balls. Excellent durability and wear characteristics. No-contact low resistance seals. $3.99 per ball bearing , full ball bearing kits only $49.99.

Teflasonic Sealed Ball Bearings:

An oldie but a goodie. For the recreational RCer. Lightweight low friction Teflon seals, and long lasting. $2.99 per ball bearing, full ball bearing kits $29.99.