Where to Buy RC Bearings

If you are looking for RC bearings for 2019, ACER Racing World Champion ceramic ball bearings are the fastest, smoothest, and lightest ball bearings in the world. Our diamond polished ceramic silicon nitride design bearings are seventy-nine percent lighter than tungsten carbide balls, with far-superior heat resistance and exceptionally-low resistance and rotational mass. Lighter RC ceramic bearings allow a pro racer to hit a higher top speed with much faster acceleration. More than that, these RC bearings have a much longer lifespan than standard bearings. If you want to outclass the competition, go with the original maker of ceramic nitride bearings.

Our Bearings

Our Ceramic bearings do not crack or shatter, and their coefficient of thermal elasticity and strength are top notch. The lower weight keeps centrifugal forces minimal and is ideal for zipping out of corners. We even lubricate our balls with our own SIN 100% synthetic oil before shipping them out to you, making them ready to use on arrival. 

Our engine bearings are just as impressive. Using the same technology as the Ceramic Nitride Pro Series, these RC bearings are both chemical and wear-resistant. Our engine bearings are further protected from vibrations, shock loads, and other hazards. They can withstand the higher temperatures (tested up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit) and stresses of any RC engine environment. Our RC ceramic bearings use a new generation PEEK polymer inner cage to further protect durability and functionality. In addition to added heat resistance, they also protect the bearings from lubricants that are hostile to weaker plastics. Having these added protections guarantees a long-lasting toughness and high caliber performance.

For those who prefer the casual realm of RC racing, our ACER Sport ball bearings are made with the same quality of expertise and precision as our Ceramic Nitride Pro Series bearing offerings. Made from a high-grade high carbon chrome alloy steel, these bearings still weigh less and offer better friction protection than tungsten bearings.

Our products, no matter the level of competition, will allow you to race farther and faster than the competition. After thirty years of experience in making the best RC bearings in the business; expect nothing less from ACER Racing.

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ACER Racing is offering amazing prices for RC bearings. Our online store is stocked with both individual bearings and full kits for all of your racing needs.

Our customer service is just as superior as our RC engineering. Ordering is secure and easy and if you can’t find what you are looking for, check out our contact page and we will help you find what you need. You cannot go wrong with the maker of the winningest RC ball bearings on Earth.