The World's Finest Ball Bearings are Made by ACER Racing

ACER Racing ball bearings are widely known as “the hardest balls in the industry,” and for good reason. A quality ball bearing maximizes tire rotation, leading to increased maximum speed, a fact that has been proven numerous times by our own line of professional-grade ball bearings. By essentially eliminating the effects of friction in tire rotation, ACER Racing ball bearings allow a car to glide along the track as if sliding on ice.

At ACER we offer a variety of ball bearings for racers at every level. However, if you hope to perform at a professional level, ceramic ball bearings from ACER are an absolute must. The properties of ceramic ball bearings limit the heat caused by friction, leading to a stunningly smooth and blazingly fast car. As high grade ceramic ball bearings, ours come with a higher upfront cost, but for serious racers, the investment pays off handsomely in increased performance and durability of your car.

Perhaps the greatest testament to the effectiveness of quality ball bearings is the success of our own Ceramic Nitride pro-series silicon nitride differential balls and ceramic ball bearings. By achieving a weight savings of 79% compared to tungsten carbide balls, as well as increased durability, hardness and smoothness, our ball bearings have become industry standard and the ball bearing of choice for champions across the globe.

ACER Racing is the global leader in RC racing products that consistently outperform the competition. Whether you’re looking to blow away the competition on the RC track or turn heads grinding at the skate park, ACER Racing ball bearings are your ticket to success.