The Hardest Ball Bearings for Dedicated Fishermen

At ACER Racing, we’re known for offering ball bearings to RC racers and cyclists who want to compete at an unparalleled level. Our 608 bearing, for instance, was even put to the test by World Champion speed skater Peter Doucet. The expert skater was actually able to use our 608 (8x22x7 mm) bearing to reduce his speed from 10.3 seconds to 9.98 seconds – an undeniably impressive achievement.

Yet, while our dominance in the world of skating and cycling is well established, what’s less well known is our exceptional skill in terrific results in designing bearings for fishing reels. For instance, when dedicated fishermen want to know their lure is dropped exactly where they want it after the first cast, they always choose our 3x10x4mm fishing bearing.

The success of a fishing reel bearing is largely defined by its “rolling action”. Thanks to the roundness and hardness of our 3x10x4 mm bearing provides terrifically high rolling action, leading to a free rotation that is almost entirely free of friction. Whether you’re a professional, or simply recreational fishermen on the weekends, you can scarcely do better than to use our 3x10x4 mm fishing bearing.

The team at ACER Racing is committed to offer our clients the fastest, smoothest and hardest balls in the industry – so whether you’re a cyclist, a skater, an RC racer or a fishermen looking for the perfect cast, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Check out our inventory on line, and get ready to be impressed by top quality ball bearings!