The Best RC Bearings

RC bearings that win championships aren’t always easy to find, but they’re right here in Los Angeles. Look no further than World Champion Ceramic Nitride Pro Series RC Ball Bearings from ACER Racing. In 1989, we introduced ceramic ball bearings that are 79 percent lighter than tungsten carbide ball bearings. Our ball bearings boast lower rotational mass and significantly reduce heat production and friction, meaning our customers’ wheels are spinning faster and more efficiently -- and you know that faster wheels mean faster acceleration and a greater top speed for your RC car.

Acer Racing’s goal is to give you the lightest, fastest, and overall best performance in the racing world. Our ball bearings are designed to dramatically reduce rotational mass and resistance while also offering the lowest friction possible.

Strength and Thermal Elasticity

ACER Racing RC bearings are shatterproof and offer a degree of superior thermal elasticity that normal ball bearings simply don’t offer. Because there is less wear on our diamond-polished ceramic silicon nitride design, these balls have a much longer lifespan as well, saving you money in the long run. In fact, ceramic ball bearings typically last as much as ten times longer than tungsten ball bearings.

Every individual bearing or RC bearing kit comes with ionically-bonding synthetic oil – made in the USA and further increasing performance and durability. Each bearing also uses an HSR inner cage and is sealed with dual no-contact seals to further improve performance and resist dirt. That level of durability, with the added bonus of superior consistency, is unmatchable.

There is a long list of champion racers that race with our RC car bearings. After thirty years of making the fastest and hardest balls in the industry, expect nothing less.

Ball Bearing Options at ACER Racing

We have RC bearing kits, or individual bearings, to suit all of your sizing needs. And if you are more of a casual racer, we offer a more economical version as well. Our ACER Sport RC bearings are still made with the same craftsmanship as our other outstanding offerings, but use a high-grade HCCA ultracite instead of diamond-polished ceramic. These RC bearings are also made from high-quality parts including dual removable seals that offer reduced friction and excellent dirt resistance. If you don’t see your sizes on our website, shoot us an email and we will answer within 2 hours with the bearing sizing you need.

Get Racing Now!

Our customer service team is here to deal with all of your needs and make sure you get what you need, when you need it. Top service is what we’re all about. As the home of the hardest balls in the business and a lot more, we match superb quality with outstanding service at all times. To get in touch with us now, visit our contact page.